Great news! You can now increase your knowledge in the important fields of condition monitoring, precision maintenance, and reliability improvement without leaving your computer. You can learn, earn CEU's, and in some cases, achieve accredited certification. There are two basic options: you can learn online at your own pace via our new on-demand learning center, or you can participate in live training over the Internet in many languages and timezones with our worldwide partners.

If you wish to achieve certification per ISO 18436-2 Category I, II, III, and IV, or the Asset Reliability Practitioner™ ARP-A "Advocate,ARP-E "Reliability Engineer," or ARP-L "Reliability Program Leader" you can visit the On-Demand Learning Center (and learn via video in English) or you can attend the virtual course (instructor-led via GoToWebinar) or master-class (instructor-led over a longer period of time).

The On-Demand Learning Center also offers mini-courses in ART, RCM, RCA, economics, culture-change, alignment, balancing, and other topics.  They are educational and engaging, and they will definitely help you in your career.

We also offer the iLearnReliability e-learning system (Flash support required), which includes a library of lessons on a wide range of reliability improvement, condition monitoring, and precision maintenance topics.



Take the training, with your instructor, via GoToWebinar. The course will either run over the standard number of days or drawn out over a longer period to fit your schedule.


Learn from the comfort and convenience of your PC, tablet, or even smartphone. You can learn when it suits you, at your own pace.  And if it is not crystal-clear on the first pass, go back and learn again! Available in short, affordable modules or full course content.


Often the best way to learn is to receive training and immediately put it into action. You will reinforce what you learned and there is still time to ask questions if there is doubt.


Virtual instructor-led training

Virtual courses are similar to conventional classes, except they are conducted online via GoToWebinar. You participate from the comfort (and safety) of your office or home, and the instructor delivers the training remotely. On your PC, tablet, or smartphone, you will see the instructor's face, or you will see the slides (with all the famous Mobius Institute animations and simulations).


In addition to the training, you will take quizzes to test your knowledge, and you can ask questions via email or the forum where you can engage with the instructor and your classmates. At the end of the course, you will be ready to take the exam and become certified, as described below.

In some cases, the course will be delivered in its original format - for example, the ARP "Reliability Advocate" course will be delivered over three consecutive days. However, some of our partners will offer the training over longer periods: half-a-day at a time, one day per week, or some other interval. You will need to check with individual partners.

You can register individually and join other practitioners on the course, or you can organize group training with other people from your company and the instructor will be able to tailor the message to your unique situation.

The training is available via our authorized partners all over the world. Therefore it is available in your timezone and in your language. The exams are also available in many languages (depending upon the certification program).

So, if you wish to continue learning and you prefer (virtual) face-to-face instruction, this is the option for you.


Please visit our list of 120 international training partners to find a course that suits you.

Self-paced video-based training

If you speak English and wish to learn from Jason Tranter, the founder of Mobius Institute, then you may choose to take the video-based training option. Think of it like "Netflix for the brain".

Each course is made up of a number of videos; some shorter and some longer. You will be registered in our "Learning Management System," which will guide you through the lessons. You can repeat the videos if it is not 100% clear the first time.

Within the LMS, you will also access the quizzes that will help you assess your understanding of the lessons.

One of the benefits of the video-lessons is that you can learn when and where it suits you. You can watch them on any device that supports a Webpage.

When you have completed the lessons and quizzes, you will be ready to take the exam, as described below.

The courses are available from our Website (called "On-Demand Learning Center") in vibration analysis and reliability improvement), but they are also available from most of our international training partners, in some cases, at a lower price, and in your local currency.

Virtual interactive master-class

Our third online training option is an extension of the previous two. If you would like to learn over a longer period of time and apply what you are learning to ensure you have truly understood the techniques and concepts, then this is the best option for you.

Depending upon the training partner, you will either learn via the "virtual classroom" or the "online videos" (English only), but once per week (depending on the course) you will participate in a live session where you will:

  • Review the previous lesson

  • Preview the next lesson

  • Ask questions

  • Discuss the "homework assignments"

The "homework assignments" allow you to apply the knowledge you have just learned. Rather than "just" learning about it, you will apply it and gain additional benefit: find out if you truly understood it, reinforce the knowledge, and in some cases (on the ARP courses), find opportunities for improvement.

The assignments will take two forms:

  1. If you still have access to your plant, you may be asked to go and take a measurement, make an observation, ask a question of a manager, or some other relevant task.

  2. If are stuck at home, we will provide additional questions to ponder, but you may choose to try the above assignments when you return to work.

You can discuss what you found with your instructor and your fellow classmates via the forum.

When you have completed the course, you will be ready to take the exam and become certified, as described below.

Please visit our list of 120 international training partners to find a partner who is offering a course in your timezone and language.

How will the exam and certification work?

Mobius Institute has offered online examinations for many years. In short, it works like this:


  1. You will use our online TMS system to provide details of your education and experience and nominate a person who can verify your experience.

  2. You will work with our team to identify an independent  "invigilator" who will monitor you during the exam.

  3. You will use a Webcam to record the entire examination session.

  4. You will be required to install an application (on your PC or iPad) called a "secure exam browser" (which ensures the exam cannot be copied and you cannot receive external assistance)

  5. At an agreed time, you will take the multiple-choice exam online. You will need a secure and stable internet connection.

When this process is complete, our team will grade your exam and issue a digital certificate (if you meet all the requirements).

We have trained and certified over 35,000 people around the world in vibration analysis and reliability improvement since 2006 and trained many more via elearning and by other means. You are in safe hands.

iLearnReliability self-paced, interactive reliability improvement elearning

Since 2012 we have been helping organizations all over the world learn how to improve plant reliability. The iLearnReliability system provides both short and long interactive lessons (Flash support is required) on a wide range of reliability improvement, condition monitoring, and precision maintenance topics.


iLearnReliability is subscription-based - the aim is to educate as many people as possible in your plant, and it is priced so you can do that affordably.


There are detailed modules (30-180 minutes) for reliability/maintenance/CM specialists, very detailed "skills training" for the technical specialists, "Manager briefings" modules for managers, "Toolbox talks" for operators and maintenance technicians, and "Essential Element" modules for everybody who needs a quick summary!

If you want to have the entire organization speaking the same "reliability language", all pulling in the same direction, all contributing to the program, then iLearnReliability is exactly what you need.

Major companies from around the world have used iLR to transform their reliability improvement initiative and achieve higher performance. 

You can much more about it on our website here.

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