Category III Vibration Analysis Training According to ISO 18436-2 

The ISO Category III Vibration Analyst "Advanced" course is intended for personnel who have at least two years vibration analysis experience and a solid understanding of vibration theory and terminology This course is designed for the senior vibration analyst and program manager who must be able to diagnose the widest range of vibration-related fault conditions, perform balancing and alignment, and understand, diagnose and correct resonance faults.

Category III certification requires that you have demonstrated 36 months of experience in vibration analysis, completed the Category III course and successfully pass the Category III vibration analyst examination, and are previously certified as a Category II vibration analyst.

Each lesson in this training course must be viewed in its entirety. Quizzes must also be undertaken. Receiving a Certificate of Completion or qualifying to sit for the Category III exam is dependent on Mobius Institute confirming that all lessons have been completed and quizzes passed.

The Category III manual and demonstrations are provided to enhance your learning experience but are not examinable.


  • CAT III - Introduction

  • CAT III - Condition Monitoring and the ISO Standards

  • CAT III - Condition Monitoring Technologies

  • CAT III - Signal Processing

  • CAT III - Time Waveform Analysis

  • CAT III - System Dynamics

  • CAT III - Natural Frequency Testing

  • CAT III - Operating Deflection Shape Analysis

  • CAT III - Modal Analysis

  • CAT III - Dealing with Resonance

  • CAT III - Rolling Element Bearings

  • CAT III - Journal Bearing Analysis

  • CAT III - Electric Motor Analysis

  • CAT III - Pumps, Fans and Compressors

  • CAT III - Gearbox Analysis

  • CAT III -Balancing Rotating Machinery

  • CAT III - Shaft Alignment

  • CAT III - Generating Alarms Statistically

  • CAT III - Demonstrations

  • LANGUAGE: English
  • DURATION: 42 hours and 45min
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